outside naked. I am taken of the Chariot and ordered to get down on my knees resting my arms onto a small brick wall. It consists of eight very

small vicious steel clamps connected with chains. He starts rubbing some oil and giving me a stimulating erotic massage. It doesnt take long before my erected slavecock and balls are the new targets of Master Johans electric fly swatter. Immediately He joins in and starts pulling my very painfull clamped nipples hard until I shout in pain. It had just began and I was in so much pain already. Equipment : Doxy vibrator, Venus milking machine and many others. When the Masters are satisfied seeing Their painslave in agony, I got released and it was now time to try out the Roman Chariot which my Master had bought especially for the Club. Whether restrained in the stocks or locked in a watersports hood, The Master is capable of using his liquids to remind His sm training sessies duitsland gay charges of their place. Master Commando leaves the room. The Masters like what They see. The sun is shining but it still is cold. The Masters dont mind that. From nurturing the pup to training and yes, sometimes punishing the pup, The Master is an expert handler of pups of all ages and sizes. I shout out in pain. You will be grateful for His attentions. Then suddenly I get surprised by an overwhelming shock throughout my body. Whether its licking The Masters boots or resting your head on His leather covered groin, leather reinforces His role as your superior. While not to everyones taste, for those subs and slaves that enjoy it, there can be nothing more exciting than to be restrained and forced to taste His juices. Past year, all, duration, quality, all,. Master Walters boi is used by several masters in a hard slave training session. Enjoyable hard deep and hot pain. Gasping for air in pain. Sessions, your fantasy, any time: let your imagination run wild or let The Master do the work for you. 912 results found, sort by: Order_by, popularity, date, duration, filter by: Date added, past 24 hours. The Masters enjoy my struggling and helpless resisting against. But also that wasnt even enough. The Master will make you braver because you wont have any other options that to take whatever He doles out.

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He is sex in charge, but each time I get somewhat used to it the current is set higher. When the massage is done, the Master knows how to wield His weapons and gay exert physical control in every imaginable fashion. From flogging and whipping to caning from playful to judicial. Above all other forms of restraint. I try to adjust to the pain. And I feel some sharp pain in my erected slavedick too.

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BonerTube, master Johan takes out His spider. And it doesnt take long, i recognize the pain after a few more sparks. And to my enjoyment I get treated nipplelicker gay cam on a nice body massage by Master Walt.