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535-1, H238-A" Schreiners Hybridizing January Test Garden Awards Test Gardens January Yarn from. Snyder Ethel K Ricker Obituary July Iris Colors and Pigments "Werckmeister,. Allen, Larry Gaulter,. Wood Japanese Iris July Japanese Irises - Ten I Recommend Sterling Innerst Japanese Iris varietal comments July B "Geisha Gown, Flying Tiger" Photograph July Goals in Hybridizing Japanese Irises Jonnye Rich Japanese Iris July Hybridizing Directions John. And Mrs John. Hugo Wall, Robert Minnick" January In memoriam: Greig Lapham Tell Muhlestein Obituary January Region Spring Meeting Regional Reports "Sequoia Iris Society, host" January Region Spring Meeting Regional Reports January Flight Lines Robins January Minutes of Directors' Meeting Clifford. Mathews, Ike Nelson Minnie Colquitt" July B Louisiana Iris Seedling. Callis Letters to the Editor January California. Franklin Adam, Irma Henderson, Anne Proctor" Photograph July "Norfolk, Virginia Mini Tour" Rena Kizziar Garden Reports varietal comments July B "Bee Warburton, Rena Kizziar" Maynard Harp Photograph July B "Mrs. Stafford Jory" Corliss Photograph January Review of Dwarf Iris of 1956 "Welch, Walter" Dwarf Iris Favorite- 144 54 In Memoriam:. From TOC April Iris Gardens of the Pacific Northwest Garden Reports April Report of the President. Walker President's Letter April Cytogenetics of Median Bearded Irises "Randolph, L F" Scientific Genetic Analyses-Chrimomsome# Breeding Behavior April. Hall Culture October Winter Hardiness. Mertzweiller" Photograph July B Inez Conger. 122, Page 56" October Mulching Iris Geddes Douglas Test Gardens Cleveland Ohio October.

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Robert Swan Sturtevant Tall Bearded Symposium October Iris.Duffy varietal comments April An Iris Calendar for Texas Mrs.Parents - Protect your children from adult content with these services.

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