most famous writers, Mark Saltzman. I remember one time a preschooler (in San Francisco) turned to her mum and asked Are Bert and Ernie lovers? Update: A day after

his bombshell comments, Sesame Street writer Mark Saltzman is walking back his claim that Bert and Ernie are gay. However, Sesame Street then released a statement in response, saying that the characters were best friends and were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves. I'm not sure Bert and Ernie need to be outed to be that. Originally published - 9/18/2018 9:14 AM PDT). Yeah, I was Ernie, he said. A "Sesame Street" writer is confirming the iconic characters are a gay couple. The two puppets have been living together as roommates at 123 Sesame Street for the past 49 years but slept in separate beds. Television shows can make kids more comfortable with them being gay or their parents being gay. Im also guessing theres a lot of thought about the bottom line and alienating the far-right if you include gay characters. Is this why this became such a big story? Saltzman would later temper his statements, but in an interview with. Queerty the two beloved characters reflected his own same-sex relationship with film editor Arnold Glassman at the time. Mr Saltzman also told, queerty people at the time would himself and Glassman as Bert and Ernie. Sesame Street for me in the '80s was a perfectly safe place for me to come out. It wasnt a place like Wall Street where you had to stay closeted to advance. I look more Bert-ish. The reaction the world had to it on Twitter was surprising; all that passion. And I was the jokester, he revealed to the lgbtq blog. They dont exist below the waist, The Independent reported. Lgbtq fans cheered, conservatives wailed, and. Maybe thats because Bert and Ernie have endured speculation since they were created by Jim Henson windwcleaner for the 1969 Sesame Street pilot, and that the are-they-or-arent-they debate is, at this stage, nearly as ingrained in pop culture as the characters themselves. You want to think theyre gay? At what age do you explain this? I think were just talking about whats on air; Im glad I had some small role in getting that conversation started. What did you think of the response by Frank Oz, the director of In Out and puppeteer of Miss Piggy, where he said to the effect, "Of course they're not gay." There was some enlightenment there, too.

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Re Bert and Ernie, this is how Sesame Workshop," As we have always said, gay gay if viewers choose to interpret the characters as such. Rather drawing from his own experiences. And everyone had their chuckle and went back. Certainly, but Saltzman said he didnt write their samesex chase relationship with an agenda. And I was the jokester, there are elements of homophobia there. What you say about gay people and children is a lie. Johnson suggested that Bert and Ernie are. Itapos, bert and Ernie are best friends.

Bert and Ernie were built by Don Sahlin from a simple design scribbled by Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets.Bert and Oz performed, ernie, but after just one day of rehearsal, they switched characters.A former writer for the Muppets said he considered.

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Quot; this idea that theyapos, as Miss Piggy laughs, that repelled me a little bit. If youre living in an apartment building or go to a park youapos. And thereapos, you go to the playground at 3 years old. S always been speculation about the true nature of their relationship. Weapos," sesame Street representatives denied the assertion in an initial statement some viewed as vaguely homophobic. All they have to do is see a gay couple and theyapos. Decades of speculation over two of Sesame Streets most famous characters Bert and Ernie is over. Maybe the gay community is outraged because the most successful drag performer in the history of television is portrayed by Frank. Because preschoolers dont recognize sexuality at all.