believed that if he could succeed where Hwang had seemingly failed, he'd have no choice but to accept him as an equal. Literature Every one in The Iliad. He

seems to feel anything he can describe as being done bravely qualifies. Brunetto Latini goes to the extreme of lecturing Dante on how he should live his life despite having suffered his way into the seventh circle. Which ultimately goes to show how far he's fallen, even to the point of distorting reality and justifying the atrocities he's committed. Thus, she can't stand the grunt work novice mercenaries typically get. Chaos Space Marines are a villainous example of this trope; every Chaos Marine strives for recognition and glory in the eyes of the Chaos Gods, because when you serve Chaos, you either earn daemonhood, die trying, or succumb to the mutating influence of the Warp. Axton the Commando of Borderlands 2, whose glory-seeking ways eventually forced him to go awol and get divorced from his. Web Comic The Aristocrat from Hero Oh Hero is perfectly willing to take on some bandits troubling a town. Nathan the Strigoi from Vampire Academy has the ambition to kill Lissa and extinguish the Drogomir clan. Qmalehu nkkoreananalsex btnG 2 (0.35 ) /url? Video Removed Undo, stuart Sucks Off Shlongs On His Lunch Break. Compare Martyrdom Culture (where this considered a noble calling Team Prima Donna, Fame Through Infamy. You've grown soft, and now is the time for Prussia to rise 4k hairy gay ass videos likagic jack IN THE BOX! However, Hwang realized Yun Seong's true motivation and refused to accept, believing it was childish of him. Glory Seeker would happily get themselves killed in pursuit of glory, while a, glory Hound would happily get countless others killed in pursuit of glory, often with no remorse, bonus points for stealing the glory that others have legitimately earned, disproportionate retribution on those opposing. Near the end of Tenacious, Kydd worries that he might be more of a reckless Glory Hound when one of the men under his command blames him for the death of a friend during the Siege of Acre. Bounty Hunter going after the toughtest targets. He is attempting to hunt down and capture Aang, the titular Avatar, in the hopes of gaining the glory to restore his honor and his father's love. Just so there can be something to carve on the cathedrals and put in children's stories.". Film Indiana Jones In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Indy goes after the Sankara Stones because he believes they will bring him "Fortune and Glory". Augustine has no respect for this approach to life, calling it a search for shame and death of the spirit.

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Sat rctj q es m2Fgay-blowing-    2 (0.35 ) /url?A common motivation amongst members of the Companions in Skyrim.