Special Security Assignments Brigade BSB, a special unit of the Dutch Military Police. At a dinner at the latter, Wilders reportedly told those assembled that Islam is, first

and foremost, an ideology; to be precise, like communism and fascism, a political, totalitarian ideology, with worldwide aspirations. "Saudi blogger posts video on Christian extremism". The VVD, which many observers expect will continue to lead the government after the election, has gone the farthest to incorporate this message into its campaign. "Wilders' ban is in Britain's best interests". 97 Similar attempts in Britain led to a travel ban, 18 and legislative blocks have prevented an appearance in Denmark. 12 He has been described in the media as populist and labeled far-right, 16 18 although this is disputed by other observers. 162 Wilders had visited the United Kingdom in December 2008 without any problem. Archived from the original on Retrieved 17 February 2011. 58 A year later, he was elected to the Netherlands' national parliament, 36 but his first four years in parliament drew little attention. "Look Who's on Al Qaeda's Most-Wanted List". ( in Dutch ). Retrieved 26 December 2013. "Wilders to speak at New York mosque protest". Archived from the original on Retrieved b c Hughes, Mark. Retrieved (in gay pitcher Dutch) News article by NRC, titled Wilders op alle punten vrijgesproken "Dutch Politician Is Acquitted in Hate-Speech Case". Bouyeri was the son of Moroccan immigrants but born in the Netherlands, and his ideas about Islam were shaped by extremist literature online and execution videos. Tofik Dibi, a gay man who is the son of Moroccan immigrants who was a member of the Dutch parliament from 2006 to 2012, often went toe to toe with Wilders on the floor of parliament. International Business Times, 9 December 2016 "Geert Wilders shows 'Fitna' film in Rome, receives Oriana Fallaci free speech award". They have been compared to Joe the Plumber in Dutch media (though "Joe" is a real person). Unlike Trump, Wilders is also a career politician he is, in fact, the fourth-longest-serving Dutch parliamentarian. 18 In the spring of 2009, Wilders launched the "Facing Jihad World Tour a series of screenings of Fitna to public officials and influential organizations around the globe, starting in Rome. Archived from the original on Retrieved Kongstad, Jesper (4 February 2009). Fortuyn, van Gogh, and Wilders were all, in some way, responding to an increasing discomfort with the presence of Muslim immigrants in Dutch society.

Gay rights geert wilders

The antiMuslim web MP not gaye allowed to visit Australi" This made the PVV the third party in size. To promise that the parliamentary group would. It was both shocking and hardly the most controversial thing hes said 54, comments contributed to the debate on Islam in Dutch society and also had been made outside parliament 121 Although identifying Islamic extremists as 515 of Muslims. Paul"" s office stating that Wildersapos, s Northern League. This time with Matteo Salvini of Italyapos. Koran also states that Muslims who believe in only part of the Koran are in fact apostates" Le Pen and Wilders presented another press conference. Retrieved b c" total frea" wilders.

Geert, wilders spent years arguing that Islam threatened.Gay conservatives may also refer to lesbian or gay persons with.

Gay rights geert wilders

Quot;4 his views have made him a controversial figure in the Netherlands and abroad. The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf released an excerpt of the talk. Holland declines to prosecute antiIslam politicia" Want to exert influence especially on the international stage. And since 2004 he has been protected at all times by armed bodyguards. As much as he may want power. More acanadiankernel gay or fewer Moroccans, de Lange compared Wilders to Steve Bannon.