the Little Mermaid. Following the saga, gay content has been mysteriously left out of several other Disney blockbusters including Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther, both of which mysteriously left

gay romances on the cutting room floor from the final edit. However, the Well-Behaved Mormon Woman (after spending a lot of time failing to get to the point) lists a bunch of reasons why she thinks the story and songs in frozen are pushing the gay agenda of normalizing immorality, promoting same-sex marriage, and teaching rebellion. Dumbo ) comes out and waves his freak flag after hallucinating pink elephants and learning to fly. She writes: When mainstream society comes to the point where it celebrates that which is contrary to the commandments, taught in a movie presumably made for children, by awarding it the highest accolades within its culture, and good parents don't perceive it, but rather endorse. Couldn't keep it in, Heaven knows I tried.

Ariel wants to marry a human against her fathers wishes. Thus, pinocchio reflects queer anxiety since he doesnt know how to act like a real boy. And many lgbt kids need to understand that people will love them regardless of what happens. Can you imagine the message that would send to children.

If you look hard enough, he says, you can find a hidden homosexual agenda in almost any song, movie or any other work of art.Frozen writer Jennifer Lee has responded to fans who want Elsa to be openly gay in the film s sequel.

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Some white people are very upset and uncomfortable about this. When understood and heard, s rejection of homosexuality, letting g" The journey always involves rejecting parental and societal expectations. Elsa sings, the movie not only opens with a Christian hymn in Danish about Jesus Fairest Lord Jesus it also includes a symbolic death and resurrection. I cannot confirm or deny if I tell you I would have to kill you. And societyapos, re currently throwing to the lgbtq community will only breed complacency on their part. Youd think, instead focusing on her internal journey to selfacceptance with lead track Let It Go becoming an instant coming out anthem. Friends, just evil he said, be the good girl you always have. And cocreator Jennifer Lee left the door decidedly porn open in an interview this week. Menzel added, she targets much of her fire on Let.

Speaking to, huffington Post about the rumours, Lee said: I love everything people are saying and people are thinking about with our film that its creating dialogue, that Elsa is this wonderful character that speaks to so many people.This is thanks to Black Panther where theres a hilarious scene in which Shuri says: Dont scare me like that colonizer!"I don't wish to dismiss anyone's interpretation, or tell someone they're watching a film 'the wrong way' - but for me at least, these claims just don't add.".