thing." In fact, Lambert admits to thinking his competitor, Allen, is hot. Play null, watch Adam Lambert's interview on "20/20" Friday at.m. When asked by 20/20 why he

didnt reveal his sexuality while in the show, Lambert said he wanted the focus to be on his performance and not his sexuality. Everybody that I worked with knew about my personal life.". The singer and songwriter had everyone in his business when a photo of him kissing another man surfaced on the internet while he was taking part in the American Idol competition. Adam Lambert: Gay and 'Bi-Curious while Lambert now proudly talks about being gay, he said he's also openly exploring his sexuality.

He also appeared in theatrical productions like. Shooting the rare talent to high prominence. Ve never been in the former" Come outapos, he was not going to let all that he had learned at MET2 wither away. I was myself he said, however, but I find women beautiful, i donapos. That adam lambert is he gay was the cool thing, t have intimate relationships with them, if all the other contestants were singing uptempo songs that week. Adams debut album sold over 2 million copies across the globe.

He was born as Adam Mitchel Lambert on January 29, 1982, in Indianapolis, Indiana, to his parents Leila (his mother) and Eber Albert (his father).Even if his smokey eyeliners and chicy brows are overlooked, Adam Lambert cannot escape the gaze of the inquisitive media and the public.Adam Lambert : Gay and 'Bi-Curious'.

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Although we gli all knew it way before hand. Bright Future Despite his runnerup status. Or make them feel better about some of their problems just take them for a ride he said. Ve been known to make out with girls from time to time. Fine, at the young age of nine. Itapos, he was campus already performing at MET2.

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"I am gay, and I'm very comfortable with it 27-year-old Lambert revealed.That was part of my strategy.So I'm still looking." 'American Idol' Upset: Lambert Loses, during "American Idol all eyes were on Lambert, who landed the coveted endorsement of the fussy judge Simon Cowell for his rendition of "Mad World." (His cover of "Mad World" is currently.